$30+ Million Booked For Broadcasters Are You Ready For Revenue?

When advertisers scale back their budgets, you need an interesting, unique approach to bring in new revenue.

That’s where Getty comes in…

Since 2003, we’ve been providing fresh concepts in niche categories with a proven track record. Categories like bankruptcy, personal injury, dentistry, automotive, real estate and custom station requests.

Broadcast groups like Hearst Argyle, Viacom, NBC Universal, Belo, Scripps Howard and Gannett have turned to Getty Advertising to find pots of gold in new revenue for their local markets.

Over $30 million booked to date for broadcasters.

Unique Marketing Concepts That Book
$175k – $400k New Revenue On Your Station

Getty products book huge revenue in a short amount of time. Two days of selling and that’s it. All products created with the following benefits…

  • Energizing your sales team
  • You get cash in advance
  • No risk for your station
  • You have full accountability for your new advertisers
  • Getty sells the product with you
  • Exclusive for your station

Getty products save you time, money and book big business on your station.

What To Do Next

Request a presentation by filling out the contact form above. We’ll contact you immediately and schedule a time that’s convenient for our 20 minute web presentation.

By seeing our presentation,

→ You’ll find out how easy it is to generate new revenue for your station
→ You’ll find out a variety of hot, niche categories that you can go after
→ You’ll hear success stories from other markets
→ You’ll know in 20 minutes or less if Getty products are right for your station

Getty works exclusively with one station in the market. We’ll let you know if you’re market is available when you contact us.

Call 1-800-GettyAd or fill out the presentation request form above. We look forward to doing business with you.

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